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  2. Star Days Sim Date - Find an out of this world lover in this romantic dating game for girls! Tara is left heartbroken after her best friend passes away but she meets aliens who are on a space adventure looking for a way to bring loved ones back to life. 8 dateable characters, 14 different ending
  3. The player character of Star Days Sim Date. She is 17, has brown eyes and brown hair, and resides on good old planet Earth in Universe C-08. She has never been good at making friends but her best friend, Lee, had always been there for her. When he loses his battle with cancer, she can't help but feel like she got left behind
  4. Star Days Sim Date Guide A walkthrough for Star Days Sim Date. The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship with characters and after falling in love, to have a happy ending with them. Raising your Relationship can be done by talking to them, giving them gifts and going on dates
  5. Star Days Sim Date. The captain of The Constellations Crew. His home planet has advanced technology that caused conflict among many countries. He seems quiet and apathetic but cares about the safety and success of the crew more than anyone. A sucker for anything cute-looking. Also very bad at drawing. Star Sign: Capricorn: Occupation: Spaceship Technician: Race: Human (Alien from Saturn.
  6. Star Days Sim Date. An honest and hard worker but has never been exposed to anything outside his small fishing town. As a former orphan, he likes to visit the local orphanage to help out. He was adopted by his father's close friend, Retus. Star Sign: Libra: Occupation: Merchant: Race: Human (Alien from Venus, Universe B-16) Age: 18: Hair Color: Blonde: Eye Color: Blue and Green: Height: 6.

The Days Sim Date series is Pacthesis' current series of sim dates. It began with Festival Days in 2010 and is still ongoing with the most recent being Star Days, released in May 2017. Memory Days is a revised version of Anime Sim Date 2.0 and 2.5 Star Days Sim Date. A boy from Pluto and part of the Constellations Crew. Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet. The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good... which gets him in trouble

Star Days Sim Date. From a culture where faces are reserved for the sight of a lover. Was the third person to join The Constellations Crew after meeting Ry when the crew made a stop on Neptune. He lost his mask and is resorting to a box to cover his face. Talented at sewing, freaks out at random small occurrences Star Days Sim Date. A confident and forward guy that likes to get down to business quickly. Seems to love playing games- from card games to toying with people's emotions. Sort of mysterious and it's not clear if it's best to not get involved with him or if he can be trusted. Star Sign: Sagittarius: Occupation : News Anchor: Race: Human (Alien from Jupiter, Universe E-10) Age: 19: Hair.

Star Days Sim Date is a dating simulation adventure game. Play as Tara, a girl who lost her best friend to an illness but joins aliens on a space adventure to find out where loved ones go after death. 8 dateable characters, 14 different endings Game guide and cheat codes: pacthesisgames.com/guides/star Game and Characters By PACTHESIS ~ http://pacthesis.deviantart.com/ Pacthesis' website ~http://pacthesisgames.com/ SO, GUYS! YEAH, PACTHESIS IS, AT LEAST, GO.. I hope you're all having a better day than I am. If you're not, I hope I can put some light in your day with this video. If you're not, I hope I can put some light in your day with this video

Pacthesis began a project called Star Days Sim Date, announcing it December 16, 2012. She described it as a dating sim with aliens, which can be read here. She produced a few promo posters and bits of her work on her dA and Tumblr till she eventually went on hiatus and stopped posting for a few years. On May 28, 2016, Pacthesis suddenly posted the demo for Star Days Sim Date on her dA page. Game and Characters By PACTHESIS ~ http://pacthesis.deviantart.com/ PLAY THE GAME HERE: http://pacthesisgames.com/games/sim-dates/star-days-sim-date.html IF. Star Days Sim Date Cheat Codes. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. You can submit them by clicking the toilet by the bathroom of the ship. Max money -> herecomesthemoney. Brings you to The Constellations -> warpdrive. Infinite energy -> whenyouwishuponastar. Max items -> thriftshop. Max relationship with Ry -> eyedrops. Max relationship with Magazine -> unitzero. Max relationship.

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Immortal 13-year-old princess gets wrinkles, ruins life | The Twelve Kingdoms (2002) - Duration: 11:49. RetroCrush Recommended for yo Prime Day ist das jährliche Angebotsevent exklusiv für Prime-Mitglieder. Das bedeutet zwei Tage lang außergewöhnliche Angebote für eine Vielzahl von Artikeln. Der Prime Day 2020 fand vom 13. bis 14. Oktober statt und war die erfolgreichsten zwei Tage aller Zeiten für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen bei Amazon weltweit Anime Sim Date 2.0/2.5/Memory Days: Festival Days: Wonderland Days: Idol Days: Kingdom Days: Chrono Days: Lunar Days: Number Days: Star Days: Ayame Haru Noru Akito Noru Oliver White Emerson Reid Lewis (Urwin) Ashton Teddy (Theodore) Emmick Terrance Powell Thane Upton Ry Reina Daichi Tomo Mako Utsugi Clark Alwin Cody (Chad) Wing Daniel Claud: Landon Emmick Elias Brookes Spencer Huff Magazine. Star Days Sim Date Online Games. You searched for star days sim date and we found the following from our collection of online games. mouse only games; simulation games; dating games; kingdom days sim date. Help Rose find her prince charming to sweep her off her... lunar days sim date. You've stumbled into a different but strange world,... festival days sim date. You have 30 days to find.

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