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#bts masterlist #bts #masterlist #bts reaction #bts smut #bts imagine #bts scenarios #taehyung smut #jungkook smut #yoongi smut #jimin smut #namjoon smut #hoseok smut #seokjin smut. sunsentsloveme liked this . sugarandkookie97 liked this. BTS Texts - You missing them while on tour | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook | - (completed) Gay Ships Through The Night | Jikook Social Media AU! | masterlist ↳ MIN YOONGI MASTERLIST ↳ KIM SEOKJIN MASTERLIST. BTS SERIES MASTERLISTS: The Rich Man's Crochet Club [ Mini Masterlist ] - smut / humor / virgin!AU. A series of one shots centered around the same, chaotic group of friends whose friendship began based on one, shared commonality: they all met while they were v i r g i n s. You Never Shop Alone [ Mini Masterlist ] - smut / humor / mall!AU.

MASTERLIST Imagines/Scenarios (M = Mature/Smut) (/M= Slight Smut) - EXO Chanyeol Fun (frat!au) Kyungsoo (D.O.) Mine - VIXX Ravi (M) Hongbin Chained Up (M) - BTS Taehyung Birthday Surprise ft. Jimin.. Sloppy BTS Smuts 18+ bts smexy smut smexy blog Ask Box: Open | Requests: Open Masterlist: ~coming soon~ Posts; Following; Ask Box; Archive; btssmxt. btssmxt. It's Monday Funday !! Anonymously (or not ) send me some of the dirtiest things you maysecretly imagine about Bangtan! Add a before your dirty comment . Then I will respond with an appropriate gif *wink wonk* and make a very.

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  1. #masterlist #kosmosguk masterlist #yandere bts #bts #bts masterlist #yandere bts masterlist #bts reader insert #bts x reader #yandere bts x reader. 18 April 2020 849 notes. asianchubs liked this . sharkybabe9 liked this.
  2. BTS Masterlist Ateez Masterlist EXO Masterlist Stray Kids Masterlist Got7 Masterlist Monsta X Masterlist Pentagon Masterlist. sub!kpop sub kpop sub!seventeen sub!vav sub!nct sub!nct127 sub!nct u sub!nct dream sub!wayv sub!day6 sub!bts sub!ateez sub!exo sub!got7 sub!monsta x sub!idol sub idol dom!reader dom reader kpop imagines kpop smut kpop reactions kpop scenarios kpop fluff sub!hoshi sub.
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  4. bts masterlist reactions. smut = * fluff = ☼ angst = ☾ best friend getting a makeover ☼ skinship in public ☼ having a short s/o ☼ wearing their clothes ☼ best friend confession ☼ sex with you * watching you masturbate * changing up your sex life * thigh riding * calling them daddy * eating you out * bondage * riding their face * choking during sex * you sucking their thumb.
  5. BTS Reactions Masterlist | Buy me a coffee? Requests are open Latest; Orgasm denial. BTS Reaction | Touching themselves (thinking you're sleeping) Request; Can you do a reaction when they touch themselves next to you thinking you were asleep, please? (The opposite of the reaction you did a while back) A/N; Hope you like it! ^^ It feels weird to be posting again and this is probably terrible.
  6. jungkook fake bts texts fake bts snaps texting bts bts text edits. 7 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; BTS. Dirty pick up lines. Yoongi likes you. When you're not home . Making fun of you for liking Namjoon 1 & 2. Je
  7. /Jungkook React to You Writing a Song to Say 'I Love You' BTS On Daddy.

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MOBILE MASTERLIST. I haven't updated this in about 20 billion years so I'd say it's time I updated it Because there are so many reactions, I've put all of them under the cut! They aren't in any particular order As of June 20, 2018 ~ = TRIGGER WARNING * = SEXUAL CONTENT. Kpop + EXO. YOU'RE THE NEW GIRL WITH A 'BAD GIRL' IMAGE [VERSION 1] [VERSION 2] THEY'RE IN THE. Vergleiche Preise für Bts Clothing und finde den besten Preis. Große Auswahl an Bts Clothing

@byzantiumshades - bts, nct, ateez, skz, txt (a truly amazing blog!) @submissive-bangtan - bts, and they stan other group(s) as well! @ye6njun - they write for both dom and sub idols. they only write for txt, though they stan many other groups! (my friend ali!) @artificialvoe - they stan a lot of groups, and write for both girl and boy groups! @ahejun - also writes for both dom and sub idols. #masterlist #kpop #bts #monsta x #got7 #exo #bts scenarios #exo scenarios #monsta x scenarios #got7 scenarios #bts smut #bts angst #bts fluff #bts hybrid au #got7 hybrid au #bts imagine #bts suga #bts yoongi #bts rm #bts namjoon #bts jin #bts j-hope #bts taehyung #bts jungkook #bts jimin #got7 jinyoun So here is my masterlist to the best of my ability that I can get it together for now. Apologies all, xx (!!) = Most Popular Reactions - BTS Proposing To You On Stage (!!): Maknae Line. Hyung Line-You Having Cuts And Burns From The Kitchen-You Asking To Take a Bath Together/Get A Massage (!!)-Bandmate Having A Crush On You-BTS As Jealous. Bts masterlist bts bangtan boys bts scenarios bts smut namjoon smut hoseok smut jhope smut rapmon smut yoongi smut suga smut jimin smut jungkook smut taehyung smut jin smut kpop scenarios bangtan sonyeondan beyond the scene . babyjisxng liked this . mind-mischief-mesmerizing-mess liked this . jshdgsjgdj liked this . bluepiehumanroad liked this . kidnamedchlo liked this . smut-i-think-i-can. MASTERLIST. Before requesting, please read my guidelines, here. EXO (OT12) If You Care - Chanyeol/Sehun (M,S)* Blacklist - Zhang Yixing. Trust Issues - Suho. Guilty - Kai/Baekhyun (M,S)* Used - Luhan (M) String - Baekhyun (M,S) ☾ BTS. Dating Jungkook | Dating Taehyung. Mine - JHope. Tomorrow - Yoongi. Something New - Jimin (M) 31 Days - V (S)

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this is my second Bts x male reader. so feel free to request any thing. of course its B×b. Smut fluff Angst Mor #boyxboy #bts #btssmut #fanfic #hoseok #imagines #jeongguk #jimin #jin #jungkook #love #namjoon #notreal #oneshot #rm #seokjin #sexy #ships #taehyung #yoongi # 방탄소년단. Step-brother 7.4K 89 18. by -softiekook. by -softiekook Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story Category: I don't know, tbh. Ship: Jinmin. Words: 1521. Plot.

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  1. Seventeen Masterlist. svt mlist. BLOOM: ON HOLD ☆ Junhui x reader II florist!Jun, wealthy!reader ⇒ preview I 01 I 02 ON HOLD concept: you and Jun couldn't be more different; you're the child of a wealthy Chinese businessman, and he's recently taken over his family's flower shop. However, one thing unites the two of you among the chaos of Shenzhen; the flowers are your escape. THIS.
  2. Ikon Smuts Masterlist
  3. MOBILE MASTERLIST. I've written a lot since I've last updated this and though I still have a lot of requests, I'm going to update this now anyways As of August 28, 2018 ~ = TRIGGER WARNING * = SEXUAL CONTENT [SUPPORT MY NONPROFIT] Kpop + EXO. YOU'RE THE NEW GIRL WITH A 'BAD GIRL' IMAGE [VERSION 1] [VERSION 2] THEY'RE IN THE MOOD, BUT YOU'RE ON YOUR PERIOD. THEIR.

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Sloppy BTS Smuts — What do people think of a vampire or

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Bias wrecker — taehyungdior: 『BTS』 REPRESENTATION MATTERSNamjoons Left Tiddy — Jin - Slythern Namjoon - Ravenclawthe "me" that I create, personaWe Hope For Better DaysBTS Reactions/Scenarios — BTS Reactions | Praise Kinkthe "me" that I create, personaBts Smut (mostly)
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